Law on foreign nationals:
  • Permit application for EU and non-EU nationals, including the set up of new companies, takeover of existing companies and lump sum taxation;
  • Family reunification;
  • Application for naturalization.
Criminal and civil asset freezing and forfeiture law:
  • Civil asset freezing claims, follow-up and validation of the asset freezing orders;
  • Legal representation before criminal prosecution authorities in case of criminal asset freezing proceedings;
  • Litigation involving criminal asset freezing orders.
Banking and financial litigation:
  • Advice on anti-money laundering and KYC standards in collaboration with the with the Geneva-based Swiss compliance services network;
  • Advice and drafting of internal regulations;
  • Drafting civil claims to obtain information and compensation for private clients.
Family law :
  • Drafting and representation in the context of the protective measures of the conjugal union, divorce, annulment of marriage, provisional measures, including cross-border and international situations;
  • Civil and penal actions relating to the payment and recovery of alimonies;
  • Advice and representation in the context of international child abduction;
  • Advice on matrimonial property regimes, their liquidation, including from a legacy point of view.
Drafting of legal documents:
  • Advice and assistance to companies and individuals notably in drafting by-laws, labor and construction contracts, mandates, sales of real estate and movable property, assignments of shares.